English Project Week


For the classes 3A and 3B an English project week was organised from 16th December to 20th  December, the week before the Christmas holidays. Therefore, there were three native speakers at our school. We were divided into three groups and every group had one native speaker as their teacher.


During the week we did many different things. We made up sketches where something funny happens and at the end of the week we presented them to the other groups. We also wrote raps and songs. We played a lot of games like Snake, Two truths and a lie, Opposites, Pink toe, Yes/No, Hangman and many other games.


In the middle of the week we got the task to design a poster about a new product.
We also went to the gym every day. We played Mingle, “Völkerball” and “Merkball” for example.



In fact, we had a lot of fun, a nice time and we improved our English.


All in all, we had an amazing week together.                               



                                                                                         Emilia Grabner, 3A